Grade Levels

Distance Learning  
On rare occasions, Orange County Public Schools may need to close schools due to health, weather, or another safety emergency. In the event of a long term closure where students do not report to school, the district will engage in distance learning with students and staff. OCPS will make every effort to ensure that instructional continuity is not disrupted by continuing to provide educational opportunities at home using all available district resources to engage in distance learning.

Need to Know Information

  1. From March 30 forward, PreK-12 students will begin teacher-facilitated distance learning. Your child's teacher will communicate the specifics.
  2. Offline options are available for elementary, ESE and ELL students, as needed. See the packet distribution link. For additional online resources for ELL see the ELL Resources document. For additional ESE resources visit the ESE Resources page
  3. For families who do not currently have internet access in their home, options are available. See the internet access link.
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